BIO-REDOX, the wastewater pre-treatment solution

BIO-REDOX and BIO-REDOX PLUS are prefabricated biological wastewater treatment units. They can be used in multiple types of projects where organic or nitrogen compounds reduction is required. The design flexibility makes it a solution that can be used as the principal treatment process or as a high strength pre-treatment unit. Its simplicity, robustness and modular design allow for an easy and cost-effective installation or retrofit.



  • Decreases the organic charge in a biological manner
  • No chemical products added
  • Economic
  • Easy maintening
  • Pre-assembled

The standard BIO-REDOX version relies on the proven natural process of completely mixed biological reactor without sludge recirculation. This process is amongst the simplest requiring minimal operation and maintenance. It is ideal for small flows applications whether it is for high strength pre-treatment (restaurant, food processing plants, etc.) or as the principal secondary treatment process.

The BIO-REDOX PLUS is a variation using moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) technology. It uses a very high surface synthetic bacterial support to maximize fixed biofilm. This allows for significant reduction in the reactor footprint while maintaining superior performances. This version is a privileged choice for larger flow or constraint locations. it can be designed for organic or nitrogen removal or both.

Each unit of the BIO-REDOX line includes treatment basins (single or multiple), air diffusion system, blower units, clarifier and sludge holding tanks. Final effluent meets secondary treatment levels. If the discharge criteria are more stringent, it can be combined with tertiary treatment systems such as our POLI-FILTRE system to achieve advanced secondary treatment levels. Each version can be combined with phosphorus removal if needed. In such cases, we will supply one of our chemical injection system.

Enviro-STEP Technologies designs BIO-REDOX units according to your specific treatment needs. Our engineering department provides complete design calculations and drawings. BIO-REDOX et BIO-REDOX PLUS are considered conventional treatment processes approved by the Ministry of Environment.

Le BIO-REDOX et le BIO-REDOC Plus sont des solutions idéales pour des projets de restaurations ou nécessitant un traitement particulier des eaux usées.  Consultez nous pour savoir si le BIO-REDOX est votre solution de traitement des eaux usées.


BIO-REDOX and BIO-REDOX Plus are ideal for installations as restaurants.


This product is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.