Disinfection for commercial, institutional and communal applications

Wastewater contains millions of bacteria which many can be harmful for human health. When treated effluent is discharged onto surface waters such as a creek, a lake, or a ditch it is important to reduce the level of risk by providing disinfection.

Enviro-STEP Technologies offers two different disinfection solution. One is the compact and inexpensive process of ultraviolet radiation and the other consist in a passive lateral sand filter.

UV disinfection is one of the most effective, compact, and reliable methods. Our unique gravity fed UV unit is extremely performing when combined with any advanced wastewater treatment such as those offers by Enviro-STEP Technologies. It is a passive and low-cost solution to protect underground and surface water from contamination. Fed by gravity, our UV unit does not require any lift station and is fast to install. Our UV units are completely pre-assembled and ready to use.​

An alternative method for locations without access to electrical power is our lateral sand filtration unit the TDF Filter. Our Tertiary Disinfection Filter (TDF) is a fully passive and natural disinfection method using physical and biological filtration of pathogens. The TDF system is sold as a kit ready to install downstream from and advanced treatment system. The only component to add to the filter is the specified sand that can be sourced locally.​

Tertiary Disinfection Filter (TDF)

Enviro-STEP Technologies is proud to offer a fully passive system that can be combined with type of advanced secondary technologies to achieve final effluent disinfection. ​


  • Gravity using
  • Passive without electricity
  • No service building needed
  • No maintenance required

Le Filtre FTD



This product is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.


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