FILTRO-FLEX, simple and flexible to operate

FILTRO-FLEX are prefabricated modular intermittent granular filters that can be easily delivered and installed to match the desired design flow rate. Being modular, it allows for an easy increase of capacity which is ideal to follow your project evolution. FILTRO-FLEX is the prefered solution for residential development, small municipalities or any phased project.

Each module consists in a prefabricated concrete basin, an effluent collection system, a specific filtering media (install at the site), a low pressure distribution system and a organic insulating covering layer. Different from conventional built on site recirculating filters requiring an watertight liner, the FILTRO-FLEX can be installed regardless of the temperature, site and soil conditions and water table level.

FILTRO-FLEX offers advanced secondary treatment levels. When combined with a disinfection and/or phosphorus removal system, effluent quality is improved to tertiary treatment levels. Enviro-STEP Technologies can supply the mixing and dosing tank complete with the pumps and controls.

Each filter can treat between 1.5 m³/d to more than 50 m³/d (using multiple units in parallel). All design calculations and drawings are provided by our engineering department.

FILTRO-FLEX offers simplicity and flexibility of operation.


  • Robust
  • Passive
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy capacity increasing
  • Modular and pre-assembled
  • Pre-assembled
  • Debit and weight variation support
  • High performances
  • Follows your project evolutions
  • Can cover a large debit range

Le FILTRO-FLEX est une solution de traitement des eaux usées   Le FILTRO-FLEX traite les eaux usées commerciales.

FILTRO-FLEX technical specificities

FILTRO-FLEx can be very adaptive to each commercial configuration.


This product is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.