PHOS-TAB, phosphorus removal passive systemLe PHOS-TAB

PHOS-TAB is a passive phosphorus removal system using controlled dissolution of solid tablet coagulant. PHOS-TAB is the long-awaited solution for passive and simple phosphorus removal of small to medium flow applications.​

PHOS-TAB achieves phosphorus removal using a simple and economical method without the need for electricity or a technical building or chemical pumps. ​


  • Significant phosphorus reducing
  • Prime costs lower than the other technologies for low flows
  • Easy maintening
  • Fully prefab and pre-assembled for an easy installation
  • Can be merged with any type of treatment technologies

PHOS-TAB uses the proven concept phosphorus precipitation using aluminum sulfate. Effluent flows by gravity in the dissolution chamber where alum tablets dissolve slowly leaching metallic ions reacting with phosphorus. An integrated weir allows an automatic variation of the dissolution rate with the incoming flow rate. Coagulated effluent travels to the pipe flocculator section where particles collide together to form heavier flocs that settles in the clarifier tank. Phosphorus precipitate accumulates in the clarifier until pump out by a septic tank vacuum truck is required.

PHOS-TAB is preassembled and ready to install. It is available in various size to accommodate different flows. Operating the PHOS-TAB is done by anyone without need for qualifications. Using the PHOS-TAB is as easy as adding chlorine in a swimming pool.

Enviro-STEP Technologies is the distributor of the patented PHOS-4-FADE alum tablet manufactured by NORWECO. Tablets are safe to handle. ​


Performances of the PHOS-TAB


This product is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.