Phosphorus removal

Phosphorus Removal, for a phosphorus-free environment

Many watersheds are in excess of nutrients due to agriculture or land development in rural areas. Surface waters must be protected from excessive phosphorus and nitrogen runoffs contributing to eutrophication and cyanobacteria development which can be harmful to human health. Our phosphorus removal solutions allow discharging into lakes and watercourses.

Wastewater effluent is an important source of nutrient in water bodies and more wastewater projects requires phosphorus removal. Most of the advanced treatment system do little in nutrient removal.

Phosphorus removal is traditionally achieved through chemical injection of a liquid-based coagulant reacting with soluble phosphorus and binding with it created a sludge that can settle and removed from the effluent. Enviro-STEP Technologies offers conventional chemical injection units as well as innovative passive reactive filters and tablet flocculators for smaller flows. These passive units are easy to operate and require little maintenance.

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Le PHYTO-FILTRE est un marais naturel permettant de filtrer les eaux usées.


This product is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.

Discover the PHOS-4-FADE suitable with HYDRO-KINETIC and the PHOS-TAB