STEP-MBR, a wastewater filtration solution

Enviro-STEP Technologies, Canadian distributor of ALFA LAVAL gravity flux hollow plate membranes is proud to offer the STEP-MBR, the most simple and less mechanized MBR product on the market.​

STEP-MBR combines extended aeration activated sludge process with liquid/solid separation using hollow plate membranes. Membrane plates are grouped in preassembled filtration modules (MFM) equipped with their aeration equipment assuring recirculation of mixed liquor and membrane scouring. Compared to conventional membranes requiring vacuum succion to exctract treated effluent out of the system, the gravity flux membranes of the STEP-MBR only required about 450 mm of pressure head over the membrane module to generate high flux. This characteristic offers exceptional effluent quality without compromising on simplicity, ease of operation and maintenance.​

STEP-MBR unit includes the biological reactor, air diffusion and blower system, membrane cleaning apparatus and control panel. The STE-MBR is desgned according to the project specifications and requirements and can be supplied with all the peripheral equipment such as primary treatment unit, equalization tank and sludge holding tanks.​

STEP-MBR is a state-of-the-art technology producing the highest effluent quality. When combined with phosphorus removal level can be as low as 0,1 mg/l. This make the STEP-MBR a preferred choice for sensitive areas.​


  • High performances
  • Few mechanic components
  • Available in pre-assembled version
  • Very compact
  • Washing frequence reduced
  • Energy costs reduced

Le STEP MBR est la solution idéale pour vos projets commerciaux situés près de lacs ou de bassins versants sensibles.

STEP-MBR Technical Specificities

The STEP-MBR encounters high performance criteria.


The STEP-MBR is approved for commercial, institutional and communal applications in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova-Scotia.